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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Let the bidding begin

Aim higher...

Singapore's 50th anniversary as a city-state is an occasion for a complete rethink of commemorative swag:
Singapore’s independence day falls on August 9, and is slated to be the country’s biggest anniversary celebration ever...brands that have released special products to mark the day include Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Singapore Special Edition watch, a Singapore Airlines plane bearing a special motif, and Ayam Brand’s specially designed sardine cans.
Topping the charts, however, is Rolls-Royce's Silver Ghost SG50 Series II, in a production run of one.

 Based on the Ghost line of vehicles, the limited edition “SG50 Ghost Series II” bears the red and white colors of Singapore’s flag. The white exterior will feature red trim, while the interior seats are dark red in color, with the city’s iconic half-fish, half-lion Merlion symbol stitched into the four headrests.

“This SG50 Ghost Series II, a unique celebratory Rolls-Royce, will sit as a timeless masterpiece in a client’s care to reflect on this significant milestone,” Paul Harris, Asia Pacific Regional Director of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, told CNBC.
To commemorate the occasion, the vehicle’s tread plate will display a detailed sketch of Singapore’s skyline, with an etched statement that reads: “Hand Built in Goodwood, England for Singapore’s 50th Anniversary.”
Those who are looking to buy the car, however, may not find that so easy: The English car manufacturer will be making just one SG50 Ghost model available for purchase, according to CNBC. It will carry a price tag that will probably exceed the $290,000 it would cost you to get an entry-level Ghost Series II.

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  1. If you have to ask how much it costs, etc., etc., etc. But I bet that would be one nice ride.