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Saturday, July 25, 2015

New NOM event is so fringe, if it was any more so, it would fall off the edge of the flat earth

Casting aside its shredded pretense of being more than a fringe Catholic group largely funded by the Knights of Columbus, the National Organization for Marriage is calling for a press conference, a surrounding of  the White House, and a private lunch at the DuPont Circle Hotel.

Because every child is entitled to a man and a woman as parents, the event is headlined:

500 Men Praying the Rosary on Feast of Our Lady's Assumption (Women Welcome)

Speakers include:

-"Traditional Family Property", in NOM's un-proofread flyer, is The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family & Property, a Pennsylvania-based  offshoot of a Brazilian "counter-reformation" Catholic organization.

-Richard Lane-
...Yes I said homily, as many of you know I am NOT a Priest or a Deacon, yet I am a Roman Catholic LAY (non-ordained) Evangelist. In this particular diocese due to the shortage of Priest’s (USCCB take note), specifically trained lay people are allowed to preach homilies at Masses in this Country... 
After about a two hour drive we reached Moengo. We entered the City on roads that are deplorable. I am shocked that any of these cars still have their suspensions in tact. This entire Village was once (approximately two or three years ago) a Bauxite Mining operation. It was the first and only Bauxite Mine in all of Suriname. The major company set up shop in this City complete with Shopping, Hospitals, schools, etc. The company has decided to leave Moengo and turned over the property to the State. Think about what happens when something is turned over to the Government to run… Yes, you got it… Government Housing. Picture the WORST Government Housing complex in America; now multiply that by 15, and add 4 to that number and you begin to see what I am speaking of in this area. 
The people are wonderful. So very welcoming and inviting. I have good living conditions comparable to the norm here. I am blessed to be able to stay in a room in the basement of the home of a local couple that rents these basement rooms out for additional income. Basement, damp, moldy, (I won’t talk about the smell in the bathroom), but THANK GOD THERE IS AN AIR CONDITIONER IN MY ROOM!!!
-Bill Devlin is a Philadelphia-area minister who co-pastors a New York City Church. His principal claim to fame is running a 42-day hunger strike to protest a New York City Schools decision not to rent its facilities to churches without homes of their own. In 2013 he got arrested for trying to get into the offices of the Pennsylvania General to pray on over her decision not to defend challenges to the state's anti-marriage equality law.

-Mark Houck says Christian Americans "lost" marriage after Obergefell, and now must get it back: 

We need to take back marriage. It is ours. Gifted to us by Almighty God; it is our job as Christians to reclaim it for Him. 
Houck is a chastity educator and co-founder of a Catholic organization called The King's Men, in Philadelphia.

-Alan Keyes was a functionary in the Reagan Administration and has never gotten over it. He ran for the Senate in Maryland in 1988; he got 38% of the vote. He ran for the Senate in Maryland in 1994; he got 29% of the vote. He ran for President as a Republican in 2000, and did not win the nomination. He ran for the Senate in Illinois in 2004, and got 27% of the vote against Barack Obama. He ran for President again in 2007; starting as a Republican in March, 2008, he sought the nomination of the Constitution Party as well. In April, he left the Republicans for the Constitutionalists,who denied him their nomination; in August he obtained the nomination of the American Independent Party, the right-wig remnant of George Wallace's 1968 third-party presidential run. Barack Obama, the Democratic Party nominee, won 69,478, 516 votes, handily besting Keyes, who got 47,000 votes. Since then, Keyes- smarting from his two Obama hidings- has devoted himself to revenge on Obama, taking redline positions on the President's qualifications to be President, and demanding his impeachment. You can look at his website free five time before you have to start paying to see his thoughts.

-Brian Brown is NOM's president, and spends most of his time raising money so he can keep raising money.

So far 55 men have flocked to NOM's call.

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