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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Paranoia runs deep in the Texas GOP

The Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, has been busy lately, advising county officials how to ignore the law when it comes to marriage equality.

Now Paxton has been tripped up by a law he helped write as a law-'n'order, hang-'em-high member of the Texas legislature.

As is the case with Republican indictees, it's all a witch hunt, concocted by bloggers, hateful lawyers, and liberal interest groups:
Mr. Paxton himself helped create the possibility of such severe punishment. As a freshman representative in the Texas House in May 2003, he voted to amend the state securities law to make it a felony to act as an investment adviser representative without being registered, the very crime the grand jury accuses him of committing.
A spokesman for Mr. Paxton, Anthony Holm, has been outspoken in defending the attorney general and in denying that Mr. Paxton has done anything wrong. He has characterized the case as a political witch hunt, suggested that an anti-Paxton blogger engaged in jury tampering and has questioned the special prosecutors’ eagerness for media coverage and impartiality as criminal defense lawyers.
“If society continues to overlook this witches’ brew of jury tampering, media leaks and freshman prosecutors, we may wake up to find the office of the Attorney General of Texas at the mercy of two criminal defense attorneys who take checks from the very drug cartel leaders and child molesters the attorney general tries to imprison,” Mr. Holm wrote in an op-ed article published last week in The Austin American-Statesman.

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