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Friday, October 23, 2015

Results worthy of Dick Cheney's veep search

1994: George W. Bush gubernatorial campaign director
1995-2000: Senior Advisor, Governor George W. Bush
2001-2005: Senior Advisor, President George W. Bush
2005-2009: Secretary of Education for President George W. Bush
2009-20013: DC Consultant, Senior Advisor, US Chamber of Commerce
2012: Senior Advisor, Mitt Romney for President
2013: President, George W. Bush Foundation and Presidential Center
To make room for this courtier, the University of No Clue board fired a president they all agreed was doing an outstanding job. It was just their turn to have a Republican president as clueless as they are.
Margaret Spellings, a former U.S. education secretary, was elected president of the University of North Carolina system Friday.

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