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Thursday, November 5, 2015

At the end of all the advisors advising, it'll still be the clueless man making the decisions.

“There are a lot of policies that I lack knowledge on,” he told reporters during his book signing in Miami on Thursday. “I’m gaining knowledge. But I don’t by any stretch of the imagination confess to knowing everything. That’s the reason you have advisors.”
“Even Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, said, ‘A multitude of counselors is safety.’ The real question [about candidates] is, after they’re informed and have an opportunity to digest and talk about it, can they make a wise decision? It’s a false narrative that you have to know everything.”
Reporters for local and international Spanish language outlets were not satisfied with this answer, and pressed Carson further at his book signing in Miami on Thursday for his stance on the so-called “wet foot, dry foot” policy, which allows Cuban immigrants who reach U.S. shores to legally remain.
Carson admitted in a phone interview earlier this week that he had never heard of this law, which impacts a huge numbers of families in this key swing state. Speaking to reporters Thursday, he seemed to recite what theMiami Herald reporters had told him in that interview.
“The whole ‘wet foot dry, foot thing’ doesn’t make sense,” he said. “Many people have taken advantage of it and gotten all kinds of benefits that perhaps they don’t deserve. Then there are others who get denied things they should have. The emphasis should be on people trying to escape an oppressive regime, how do we help the ones appropriately doing that, while making sure others aren’t taking advantage of our generosity.”
Carson was similarly unclear on whether he would undo the Obama Administration’s move torestore diplomatic relations with Cuba after a 54 year suspension that began after the island nation’s revolution.
“I am not particularly happy with how this Administration has done it,” Carson said. “I would have liked them to use normalization as leverage, rather than the kind of negotiation we do everywhere, which is, give everybody what they want and say, ‘Please be nice to us.'”
But he emphasized, again, that he is not entirely informed on the subject, saying, “I want to spend more time looking at the pros and cons. I want to do a deep dive.”

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