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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Eau de Cult

If your man smells of blackcurrant and fir cones this Christmas, it is possible he could be wearing a new scent dedicated to Russian president Vladimir Putin. 
“Leaders Number One”, a perfume inspired by Putin, went on sale in Moscow on Thursday, just in time for Russians to pick them up as presents ahead of New Year’s Eve, the major festive occasion here. 
The perfume costs around 6,000 roubles (£57) for a 100ml bottle. It comes in a sleek black bottle featuring a profile of the Russian president’s head and the words “Inspired by Vladimir Putin” in English. 
“It’s a warm scent, a textured scent. It’s soft but at the same time it’s very firm,” said Vladislav Rekunov, the Belarus-born perfumer who came up with the scent.

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