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Friday, January 1, 2016

Natalie Cole and me: the inside story

The singer Natalie Cole has died, aged 65.

"How am I damaged? Let me count the dollars..."

Here is my contribution to the event. In the age of wall-to-wall-celebritization, all must have a story:

Back when and Bill Gates was getting married on an island in Hawaii, I had to review the contract the caterer was given for the gig. It was a long 'un. 
Appended to it was Natalie Cole's contract. She was the wedding singer.

Her requirements were many, varied and detailed. At the various staging points between her arrival and sweeping onstage, refreshments were to be at the ready. There were to be vegetable and cheese plates.

But no broccoli. Say Hell to the Broccoli! It was absolutely forbidden. The Vegetable Whose Presence Could Not Be Abided.

I returned the contract to the client with an "OK" but cautioned that special attention be paid to the cruciferous veg ban.

And that was my brush with Natalie Cole. Thank you. 

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