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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hard to know which way to jump on this one-

AWest Fargo father is accused of threatening to kill his teenage daughter and pointing a loaded handgun at her because he was upset that she's a lesbian.
Kamiran Bakir, 47, was arraigned Wednesday in Cass County District Court on a felony charge of terrorizing.
-The Grand Forks Herald, February 25, 2016

Oh, the crosscutting emotions this story will raise in the Trumpeople:

Dad had a gun at the ready for any issue.

Very good. 2d Amendment remedies! Be prepared!

Dad threatened to kill teen daughter, with gun, for being a lesbian.

Excellent! They cause tornadoes and earthquakes.

But straight guys love lesbian porn.

Dude, we can cure 'em! The DVDs' like, you know, Cliff's Notes.

Dad's a Muslim.

Awww, we gotta deport him now? Muslim part's bad; religious freedom angle, way good.

Wait a sec, Muslims kill the gays. Excellent again!

But he relies on Sharia law to do it.

Oh, God, soooo yuuugely bad. And he's charged with terrorizing! Gitmo! Stat!

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  1. Dumb boy 67. If he's so hep on Sharia law, what are the chances he's Islamist rather than Muslim. You know : one of those extremists who hate Muslims and Christians both.