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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Donald's Hispanic breakthrough in Nevada: a new 1%

This claim by The Donald last night is getting a lot of jabber today:

" know what I’m happy about? Because I’ve been saying it for a long time. 46% were the Hispanics—46%, number one with Hispanics. I’m really happy about that."

Even the BBC fell for that one overnight. How could they vote for the man who wants to deport them en masse and then, once they are back Mexico, make them pay for his wall?

In fact, Trump's Latino support was so low, for all we know it could have been his hotels' staff. Consider the numbers:

As of last month, there were 493,612 registered Republicans in Nevada. 19.8% are Hispanic.

The Nevada caucus is a closed caucus. Only Republicans could vote in it. 75,000 did- 15.2% of registered voters.

Of those who voted in the caucus, 8% were Hispanic. That's about 6,000 voters.

The Donald got 46% of those Hispanic votes: 2,760.

That's about 1% of the Nevada Hispanic population, 37.4% of whom aren't even registered to vote.

Still, Trump can claim bragging rights. He's doing better with Hispanic Republicans than Ben Carson is with black ones.

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