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Friday, April 1, 2016

And on the third day, nobody signed up for NC Values Coalition's hate lists. Not even the secret one.

After trumpeting the massive momentum behind its campaign to drum up support for discrimination in North Carolina, NC Values Coalition's Tami Fitzgerald and her assistant, Bubble, added no new names April 1.

That's none in the public "We Don't Want Your Money" list, and on the super secret "We're Skeered of Standing UP And Owning Our Spite in Public" list. Despite Bubble's claim that latter list had reached 373 businesses out of over 821,000 in the state, their spreadsheet "proof" remains stuck at 332.

Meanwhile, Tami and Bubble are busily voting, over and over, in favor of the McCrory Dicrimination Law in Internet flash polls. So far they are winning a big ol' can 'o whup-ass on all of them.

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