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Thursday, April 21, 2016

GOParty Animals

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant is a walking billboard for Republican unhipness. His state is so backward 80s pop stars is all they can get to perform there, and he dumps on them:
“All of a sudden we have one guy from the 1980s that canceled a concert and we all want to talk about that. It is interesting (that) the media says 'Y’all ought to be dealing with all these important issues and not some issue about someone's deeply held religious beliefs,'” Bryant said. “I often wonder if people aren’t taking advantage of that type of thing. You haven’t been heard from in a long time, maybe you’re dropping out of the entertainment business and all of a sudden you think it’s a pretty good way of getting attention.”
As usual, in North Carolina- surrounded as it is by three states where pervs in the bathroom is universally agreed not to be an issue- it's different.  Congressman Mark Meadows remarked that 66-yeaar-old Bruce Springsteen's NC concert cancellation was no big deal because "we've got Def Leppard" (formed in 1977).

NC has also been dissed by 76-year-old Ringo Starr (last US #1 song, 1970), Ani DiFranco (46), Cirque du Soleil (formed 1984), Pearl Jam (formed 1990) and Boston (formed 1976).

We revere the retro. Backwards is the Official State Direction.So you can understand why Governor Pat McCrory is singing the same, off-key, tune. McCrory defends the rights of well-heeled, middle-aged Republicans- who can afford big arena concert prices- as today's ground-down working men and women:
"Today, Pearl Jam and Boston chose to disappoint their fans and punish the hardworking men and women of North Carolina by canceling their shows. But it is the height of hypocrisy for these Hollywood elitists to deny their service to customers over a political disagreement. 
"The reality is that while these and other groups unfairly target North Carolina, they often tour and play shows in the 29 other states with similar levels of anti-discrimination protections as North Carolina.
"If you are writing on the selective outrage expressed by these bands in canceling their North Carolina shows, you should also ask if they plan on canceling the shows they’re playing in these states. Below is a short listing of examples that show their selective outrage and hypocrisy, including examples of shows they’ve played in countries with atrocious human rights records. 
"Three weeks after H.B. 2 was signed into law, it is clear that instead of protesting political disagreements, these cancellations are more about gaining media attention and inflicting economic damage on hardworking North Carolinians who stood to make money from their appearances."
Interestingly- and tellingly, given the name- the GOP tried to hire a band formed in 1973:
Maybe the Republican party are among those who hear the hooks, not the horror that lurks inside the very best Cheap Trick songs. “The Republican National Committee called our office and offered us $100,000 to play at their convention in Cleveland [this summer],” Zander says. “We turned it down. "

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