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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Of course they never think about it. They fight so hard to deny it to others so they can continue not to have to think.

A Charlottean on Facebook:

Today at my gay lunch in Uptown while eating my gay broccoli burger, I unknowingly sat next to three not-gay people. A not-gay woman, (great shoes, mediocre blouse) who worked with one of the not-gay men, (horrific hair, bad taste in food) was media training the other not-gay man (a business owner of some kind in North Carolina's gayest city, Charlotte) on how to advocate his anti-gay "commonsense," bigoted, pro-HB2 position on television.

I sat there wondering if these not-gay people knew of their not-gay privilege and if they knew that because of the anti-gay law they so loved, I could walk the 30 feet back to my job and be fired for being gay or evicted from my gay house with my (presumably, though unsure) not-gay dog with zero recourse available to me.

I thought about talking to these not-gay people and explaining to them their anti-gay, "commonsense" law really makes no sense at all, especially for the poor, minimum-wage not-gay people who will suffer in squalor because no Tar Heel city can increase its minimum wage now because of the very anti-gay, "commonsense" HB2.

But, instead, I smiled because in two days I'm moving into a gay home with my gay boyfriend and (presumably) not-gay dog.

And, above all, I felt pity for these pathetic, hateful, mediocre-blouse-wearing, non-gay Charlotteans. How terrible it must be to live your not-gay life without ever having had a gay drag queen insult your (terrific) gay shoes.

November is looking like the gayest month of all, North Carolina. Vote with your goddamn gay hearts like your gay lives depend on them.

Because they do.

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