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Monday, April 4, 2016

You should join the NCVC Discriminating Businesses List. It's easy and fun, and inflating their numbers with fakes doesn't bother them a bit!

Today NC Values Coalition claims six new “public” antigay businesses supporting HB2. Among the highlights: a business that doesn’t exist but whose owner is a famous middle school joke; an out of state business; and a Christian business association taking a stand for the HB2 version of the Bible.

-The out-of-stater is Ray Harrison, part-owner of Carolina Carpet and Flooring in Easley, SC. Harrison enjoyed a flurry of media attention last week for putting a pro-HB2 message on the signboard in front of his ruggery.

-A borderline call- literally- among the latest adds is Charlotte Christian Chamber, which lists an Indian Land, SC address on its website but is a Charlotte-area business association, two of whose 122 members are already signatories to NCVC’s public list of self-identified discriminators. C3’s website reveals its adherents practice a sort of secret-handshake sort of Christianity:

Our Vision

"Doing the King's Business in the Queen City™” What would it look like if first – we, as Christian Business Professionals really knew God’s purpose for marketplace ministry in Charlotte? And even more vital, what would it look like if we embraced God's Purpose for the 'Queen City'?  Would we share our faith with colleagues and co-workers spontaneously and consistently? Would we support and encourage other believers even if they might be competitors? Would we run our businesses with Godly integrity? Would we search out believers and do business with them when possible? If we did these things we would truly make an IMPACT for the Kingdom. As Jesus prayed in John 17:22, 23 ‘that they may be one, even as We are one. …that they may be perfected in unity, that the world may know that You sent me.’ That is the vision of those in the Charlotte Christian Chamber of Commerce.

Our Mission

To provide venues for Christian Business Professionals to come together, support one another, and build relationships so each makes a positive, Godly impact in his or her work environment. To provide a non-threatening, inviting place for those who are spiritually seeking and introduce them to the person of Jesus Christ. To offer a platform for Christians to do business with one another resulting in mutual growth. To transform surface business connections into caring relationships and invaluable friendships. To provide proven resources for one's pursuit of HIS excellence. And to create a learning environment which transcends industries and generations – master to novice as well as innovator to expert. Someone recently said “More than ever before – we (Christian Business People) need each other.” The Charlotte Christian Chamber is providing a venue to fulfill that purpose.

And now they have come down foursquare in favor of an antidiscrimination law that prohibits antidiscrimination laws. Matthew 23:13 somehow comes to mind.

-Eileen Dover, famous for decades in innumerable teen joke books as the author of “Falling off a Cliff”, “Bad Falls”, “Tragedy at the Grand Canyon”, and “I Wasn’t Pushed” (and also, coincidentally, a drag comic in Boston) was cheerfully signed up, dba “Mary Merrie Christmas Shoppe.” That store, in all the darkest corners of the world searchable by Google, does not exist.

It’s at least the fourth time in a week that NCVC’s faithful admin, Bubble, has admitted to letting anybody into a group that works so hard to keep others out.

Last week, Bubble- who goes by Kami Mueller in interviews- told The News & Record paper she doesn’t check anyone who wants to sign up:

Mueller acknowledged the NC Values Coalition did not independently confirm the identities of everyone who signed on in support of the law and whether they are actually business leaders.

The News & Record asked Mueller what the chance was that more names on the list might not represent business leaders authorized to speak for their companies. 

"There's a chance of everything," she said. "There's a chance I could get hit by a bus."

On the site, NCVC admits to removing two names from its first list of 38 “due to errors.”

The level of ease with which the Eileen Dover prank was played suggests all kinds of playful ways HB2 opponents can join in the crusade.

Here’s the latest adds to the list of Businesses That Don’t Want Your Business:

Jadd Brewer, Water Quality Lab and Operations, Banner Elk, NC 28604
Eileen Dover, Mary Merrie Christmas Shoppe, no information available
Thomas McCain, Carolina Green Landscape Co., Charlotte NC 28214
Ruben Martinez, Maranatha Realty, Wendell, NC 27591
Charlotte Christian Chamber, Indian Land, SC 289707
Ray Harrison, Carolina Carpet and Flooring, Easley, SC 29640

They join these earlier-adopters of HB2:

Sallie Caldwell, S & S Cleaning Service, LLC,  Charlotte NC 28212
Reese Cao, XG Technologies, Inc., Charlotte NC 28277
Jennifer Champion, Total Life Changes
Sam Cowles, Main Street Investments, LLC, Concord NC 28025
Mark & Lora Godwin, Mark Godwin Family Farms Inc., Newton Grove, NC 28366
David Griffin, Griffin Tile & Marble Inc., Mint Hill, NC 28227
David & Judith Hale, Lighthouse Electric of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 28278
Marilyn Harding, Marilyn H. Harding, LPC, PLLC, Cary, NC 27511
James Hartsell, Edifice Inc., Charlotte, NC 20208
Dusten Harward, D Harward Marketing, Davidson, NC 28036
Debra Hasty, Hasty Home Resources
H. Ralph Henderson, Omnichannel Productions, Charlotte, NC 28213
Tim Herlihy, Occupational Health Concepts, Charlotte, NC 28269
Rebekah Hopkins, Beethoven's Piano Revelers Studio
Jana Huffstetler, Collision Center of Stanley County, Albemarle, NC 28001
Gregory Humphrey, Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning, Charlotte NC
Cheryl Jones, ICI Lamp Company, Charlotte, NC 28212
Sergey Kholod, Serglandscape Company, Indian Trail, NC 28079
Tony Mazzone, Comfort Security, Pineville, NC 28134
Adam and Michelle Mills, Mills Inc.
Bill Montross, Christian Business Men Connections, Charlotte, NC
Jesse Newton, Green Branch Construction, Inc., Charlotte, NC 28213
Kristina Nieshalla, CB HPW Realtors, Raleigh, NC 28615
Ronald Obie, WCRG- Wood Coatings Research Group, Greensboro, NC 29407
James Potts, Overhead Door Co. of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 29269
Justin Reeder, Superior Wash Southeast, Charlotte, NC
David Benham, Benham Real Estate Group, Concord, NC 28027
Lila Sanacore, Prayerful Touch Massage, Matthews, NC 28105
Doug Schmeuszer, Sunbelt Packaging LLC, Charlotte, NC
Tim Steele, Thermal Services, Inc. Charlotte, NC 28270
Gretchen, Tate, God’s Glamorous Girls, Charlotte, NC
Lisa Todd, Todd Group, Raleigh, NC 27615
Keith Vance, Vance Resource LLC, Charlotte, NC 28211
Maria Vari, Strategic Resource Development, Statesville, NC 28677
Elizabeth Walker, Oexning Silversmiths, Inc., Bakersville NC 28705
Paul, Weaver, AWPC, Inc., Matthews, NC 28106
Michael Wolff, KC Solutions Group, Charlotte, NC
Keith Zimmerman, Hanesbrands, Inc., Winston-Salem, NC 27105
Charles O’Connor, Advanced Enclosure Consulting, Charlotte, NC 282144
Tracey Sellers, The Balanced Body Center, Matthews, NC 28105
Richard Gavin, Riverside Millwork, Charlotte, NC 28206
Angela Smith, Lombardo Swimming Pools, Matthews, NC 28105
Shar’Dae White, Personal Catering, LLC, Charlotte, NC
Carl Ford, South Rowan Broadcasting Inc., Kannapolis, NC 28082
Carl Ford, Ford Broadcasting Inc., Kannapolis, NC 28082
Alva Yandle, Melatex, Inc, Charlotte, NC 28205
David Snyder, Snyder Packaging, Inc., Concord, NC 28025
Wesley Dunn, Wesley’s Detail & Tree Service, Raleigh, NC 27615
Henri McClees, McClees Consulting, Inc., Oriental, NC 28571
Anna Maria Simeonides, To Your Health Bakery, Winston-Salem, NC 27104
Paul Strates, Archangel Michael Orthodox Christian Bookstore, Winston-Salem, NC 27104
Kelly Simeonides, Planet Family Inc., Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27104 Inc., Winston-Salem, NC 27103

NCVC also has a secret list. It’s a spreadsheet listing claimed joiners by industry group. Bubble says they are afraid to go public supporting a law that gives them unlimited license to discriminate. Because the mean gays.

Tami and Bubble claimed 334 total signers when they launched their campaign to stop you buying stuff last week, but the actual spreadsheet has never been updated past 332. Today they claim the list is up to 385.


NOTE: This list is taken, verbatim, from the press release of the North Carolina Values Coalition, as amended by them. City locations are taken from public records, in order to aid readers in avoiding doing business with companies who support the discriminatory House Bill 2, passed by the North Carolina General Assembly in March, 2016, and to aid readers in not confusing them with other, similarly named businesses that might exist in or out of North Carolina.

It is also intended to spare customers unexpected denials of service should they happen into a business that has declared its support of HB 2 without making it public otherwise.

The list is not intended to advocate for, or encourage, any form of rude behavior toward any business. They and their owners are entitled to their views, and they have the law on their side. If anything, this list will assist them in their desire to let North Carolinians know that the support HB 2, as the North Carolina Values Coalition press release states. If any business has been omitted that wishes to be added, please contact us. If any business listed wishes to support HB 2's legalization of minority group discrimination and still seeks the trade of any group the law allows discrimination against, kindly forward an explanation of how you get to that juxtaposition of ideas and we will gladly append it.

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