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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The likeness is purely coincidental.

Phil Robertson on Wednesday said he was "forced onto the Trump train" but is willing to help steer the locomotive to victory in November.

“I was forced onto the Trump train, but I am happily volunteering my services for Mr. Trump, mainly because the Republican Party has spoken,” the “Duck Dynasty” star and former Ted Cruz supporter told Fox News. “The people have said we want Mr. Trump. So Mr. Cruz goes down — I love him — but now I’m on the Trump train and I’ll do everything I can to help him.”

Robertson said the party has to be loyal to its presumptive nominee and although he doesn’t know Trump’s record, he’s willing to choose the real estate mogul’s over Hillary Clinton’s or Bernie Sander’s.

“I know their record. With Donald, I’m not quite sure since he doesn’t have a record in the political arena,” he said. “However, I’m taking my chances not even knowing. I know the Clintons. I’m not sure about Trump. I’m with Trump.”

“I’ll make a valiant attempt behind the scenes, you understand, to sit down with Donald with a Bible in between us and I might can help him along with concepts like loving your enemies, loving your god, loving your neighbor. Even your enemies, forgive them and move on,” he said. “I may can help him in that area. I can see it now: Trump wins and the camera’s panning and his spiritual adviser is me. Is America ready for it?”

No one at Fox dared ask about the last time a head of state relied on the advice of a smelly, lunatic, religious fanatic goober from a swamp:


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