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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Donald Trump, Wordsmith

Updating the OED:

Spiritize: v. rare (SPIRIT sb +IZE) trans. To imbue with spirit or spiritual power.

1654 GRAYSON, Pleas. Notes III, vii, 111 The nimble Mercurie...hath so spiritized their whole Oeconomie, that they are Quick silver to their finger-ends.

1893 J.H. BARROWS, Worlds Parl. Relig. I, 617 To spiritize a stone, a block of wood, one must first have belief in a spirit.

2016 TODD J. GILMAN, The Dallas Morning News, 6/21/16 Trump tells Christian conservatives it's time to 'spiritize the country'

"Christianity, I owe so much to it in so many ways, though life, through having incredible children, through so many other things," he told the crowd, promising to reinvigorate spirituality across the nation. "We've got to spiritize this country," Trump said following comments about what he saw as a lack of "spirit" in the inner cities. "And I'm not only talking about the inner cities. I'm talking about everywhere," he added.

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