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Friday, September 30, 2016

As The Donald slams a former Miss Universe, some of his biggest supporters are silent

The Washington Post, September 30, 2016; “Donald Trump’s weight problem: He can’t stop talking about ‘fat’ people”

Donald Trump has a serious weight problem: He can’t seem to stop criticizing the girth of others.

For decades, Trump has commented on other people’s bodies, particularly women who he believes had gained too much weight or were, in his word, “fat.” The recurring habit flared again this week when the Republican presidential nominee attacked the size of a Miss Universe winner, claiming she had gained “a massive amount of weight” while she wore the pageant’s crown and that “it was a real problem.”

Trump called actress Rosie O’Donnell a “fat pig” and said she has a “fat, ugly face.” He said singer Jennifer Lopez has a “fat a--” and said reality television star Kim Kardashian had “gotten a little large” during her pregnancy. He kept a “fat photo” of one employee whose weight fluctuated in a drawer and told an overweight executive, “you like your candy,” according to the employees. When a reporter complimented his wife, Melania, on her appearance shortly after giving birth, Donald Trump replied: “She’s lost almost all the baby weight.”

Trump also mocks the weight of men, but usually in a more jocular way than his remarks about women. Trump reportedly told a producer on “The Apprentice” that “everybody loves a fat guy,” and he has joked about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s size on the campaign trail.

...Trump’s obsession with weight carries some irony for a candidate who boasts about his unhealthy eating habits, dining regularly on McDonald’s hamburgers and buckets of KFC fried chicken on his private jet. By his own public accounting of his medical health, Trump is just five pounds shy of being considered obese under the body mass index.

“I work out on occasion . . . as little as possible,” Trump said at a 1997 news conference during which he mocked the weight of reporters.

In 1997, Trump publicly claimed the Venezuelan pageant queen had gained up to 60 pounds, but she said it was no more than 19. Machado says she gained the weight when she returned to eating normally after suffering from anorexia and bulimia before the competition. Trump went so far as to ambush Machado in a New York gym, where he held a news conference criticizing her weight as she sat on a stationary bike and jumped rope in front of dozens of television cameras.

“We’ve tried diet, spa, a trainer, incentives. Forget it, the way she’s going, she’d eat the whole gymnasium,” Trump told Newsweek at the time.

Trump has reacted angrily, telling Fox News on Tuesday: “She was the worst we ever had, the worst, the absolute worst, she was impossible. She gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem. We had a real problem. Not only that, her attitude.”

...In a letter released this month from his personal doctor, Trump, 70, was listed as being 6 feet, 3 inches tall and weighing 236 pounds, making him overweight and on the verge of being obese for that height.

There are, however, others who upset The Donald less. Some examples:

Sam Clovis, Trump campaign co-chair:

sam clovis.jpg

Actress and Trump supporter Kirstie Alley:

kirstie alley.jpg

Roger Ailes, serial sexual harasser of women and Trump debate adviser:

roger ailes.jpg

Trump supporter and Republican National Committee member from North Carolina Ada Fisher:

ada fisher.jpeg

Trump transition chair and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie:


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