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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Stuff I read today: October 15, 2016


-24 days remain until American voters get their revenge.

-A gay Trump supporter in Winston-Salem, North Carolina has finally unlocked the stone heart of the GOP: he attacked another person attending a Donald Trump rally. As he was led off by security, for the first time in the history of gay Republicans, the crowd yelled, “Let him stay!”

-With little to do but act as the Father of the Nation as a dozen military coups rocked his Nation over seventy years, the King of Thailand whiled away the decades absorbing the Thai economy.

-The universe has two trillion more galaxies than we supposed.This means it will take broadcast waves of the American elections thousands more light years to reach a place where we are not mocked.

-The PBS News Hour says educated white women in North Carolina despise Donald Trump- mostly (video). Since all they did was fly into Raleigh and ask around in the nearby suburbs, this is not terribly new.

Uneducated white women in North Carolina say their objections to welfare would evaporate if the benefits included a billionaire pussy-grab-and-shopping-spree at Rooms to Go.

-Business guru Seth Godin advises, “The problem with a drop-dead deadline is that if you miss it, you're dead.”

-Charleston Daily Photo says next time a hurricane forces you out, Savannah is a good refugee space. No border crossing issues, and none of what Governor McCrory calls “extreme venting.”

-Seattle’s The Stranger is 25 and shows absolutely no signs of growing up.

-Before there were terrorists, there were anarchists. Learning of the “exploded” Bunbury in The Importance of Being Earnest, Lady Bracknell exclaimed, “Was he the victim of a revolutionary outrage?”

Today anarchists just bust windows at Nike stores during big city street protests. There are lessons in that.

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