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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Stuff I read today: November 6, 2016

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Two more days. As the Nobel laureate in literature, Derek Walcott, reminds us, “The future happens. No matter how much we scream.”

- “And you can tell them to go fuck themselves!” Mr Trump told a rally in February. Friday he slammed rapper Jay-Z for profane lyrics:

The audience, full of people wearing shirts reading “She’s a Cunt” and “Grab Me Here, Donald!”, with a helpful arrow pointing below their ample muffin tops, roared its pious approval.

Comedian Joe who?

- NFL-NRA merger seen:

To be sure, that was the sort of topic that was going to dominate Wednesday's media availabilities, along with dropped passes, faked-punt foolery, a fumble and a few coaching decisions that took the Dallas game out of the Eagles' win column and left them 4-3, 0-2 in the NFC East, facing a critical visit to the rival Giants on Sunday.

But those issues all faded into the background around 11 a.m. Tuesday, when a Delaware River Port Authority officer pulled over Eagles wide receiver Josh Huff allegedly for speeding and having too dark a tint on his windows. When the officer said he smelled marijuana, and Huff obligingly offered up a small amount of weed and a 9mm handgun he'd been keeping in the driver's side door, along with a magazine of hollow-point bullets, suddenly the whole tone of the discussion of the Eagles and their weapons changed.

New Jersey gun laws are stringent. By having the weapon, which Huff said was registered in Texas, in the passenger compartment with him, not registering it in New Jersey, and keeping the hollow-point ammunition in the passenger compartment, as well, Huff has put himself in an uphill battle to avoid jail time, said a New Jersey lawyer familiar with such matters, who once worked in the Camden County Prosecutor's office.

...Judging from social media, quite a few fans were shocked and outraged by the arrest. Most people who spend time around young pro athletes were not. Huff faced his questioners, stacked four or five layers deep around his locker stall Wednesday, and asked, in a matter-of-fact tone, "What professional athlete don't have a gun?"

No other Eagles in the locker room Wednesday wanted to venture a guess on that tally, but we know linebacker Nigel Bradham was arrested last month for forgetting his handgun was in his backpack before trying to fly home from the bye week in Miami.

Huff, 25, asked whether he really thought all players had guns, said: "I do, yeah."

"I have a wife and I have a son at home. My job is to protect them at all costs, and my job is to protect myself, as well, even though I know I have security here (at the practice facility), I have to protect myself, as well."

...Huff said he did not bring the gun into the locker room. "I'm not Gilbert Arenas," he said, invoking the former Washington Wizard who kept guns in his locker and got into a much-publicized 2009 dispute with a teammate who also had a gun. "I'm not going to bring a gun and put my teammates in jeopardy or anything. That's not me. It's solely for protection, and that's that."

Huff is from Houston, where he has said his drug-abusing mother tried to hit him with a 2-by-4 on his birthday. His college years at Oregon, she spent in prison.

"You can't trust a lot of people in Houston. There's always somebody out to get you," Huff said. "You have to protect yourself. Even when I'm back in Houston, I always have a gun on me, because there have been several incidents in Houston where I lost a friend to gun violence who was in the wrong place at wrong time, so why would I let that happen to me?"

Huff said he "knew a little bit about (New Jersey's gun laws), but obviously, I didn't know enough, and that's on me. As a guy who carries, I should know things like that."

- Vindication for Senator Thom Tillis, who announced, after taking the seat the NRA bought, that requiring restaurant workers to wash their hands after risking their lives in bathrooms unregulated by HB2 is government overreach.

- Historian Niall Ferguson, who argued in a previous work what the world needs now is restoration of colonial satrapies, now says world leaders need councils of historians like Niall Ferguson to guide them in making decisions.

- Why is Mr Trump the way he is? Because in New York City, developers can steamroller even God.

- Most Trump supporters are not sans-culottes. They are just Mitt Romney supporters gone slummin’.

- Are evangelicals going limp on the marriage of the gays? One prominent theolog says them what is, just 86 ‘em.

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