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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

They're getting all candid in my hometown.


  1. Lovely. Always nice when the knuckle-draggers decide to leave anonymous calling cards.

    1. I am getting heavy weather from residents and friends still there who think Shelby is being picked on by the usual malign media sources who, bored one day, said,"Let's pick out a small town and make fun of it." Others say, "That's now how we are here." But in fact, it is. House Speaker Tim Moore, whom they just voted back in unopposed, has been harasssing LGBT people since college. Governor McCrory told the Charlotte Chamber, in October, the world is different, looking at HB2, "If you draw a circle 20 miles out of Charlotte." He cited Shelby as an example. And to go back a bit, the Senate select commmittee that made being gay a security clearance bar in federal employment in a trial run for McCarthy's Communist witchhunt, was chaired by Shelby native Senator Clyde R. Hoey.

  2. I've never understood what homophobes mean when they suggest gays go back to where they belong. Where would that be exactly? Fire Island? Oakland? In my part of the world there is a micronation called The Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Seas. No one lives there, it was created in protest at the Australian Government's 2004 Marriage Amendment Act. You can visit and camp on the beach though ... . Perhaps all it needs is a mob of lesbian carpenters and some gay baristas and a nation will rise. Seriously though what a horrible note to leave on someone's windshield. All the commentary which is suggesting Trump didn't mean all those racist/homophobic things he said, what a load of bunk. His followers post-election are having no trouble coming out (pun intended) in his name, shouting his rhetoric while they terrify innocent people.

  3. Peter Sprigg, of the Family Research Council, suggested a while back that we just be "exported." The details don't matter. "Go back where you came from" is an exhortation, a call for self help remedies among people who keep producing gay kids, decade after decade.