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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Waldo gets his Sally Field moment.

Congratulations to the most excellent blogger, Cotton Boll Conspiracy, which toted up its 1,000th follower recently! I've been a reader since Day One, and admire its style and topical range.

I admire that 1,000 mark, too, having attracted seven followers to Waldo Lydecker's Journal in 9 1/2 years.

Clearly they are on to something, even if, as they say, half their followers are teenage boys in Macedonia.

Cotton Boll has some nice things to say about this blog, which make me blush.

I feel like the C.P. Cavafy of blogging most days, handing out occasional handstitched collections of posts to friends. But I am glad to count CBC among them, no more so than when, in the frenzy of the 2008 presidential election, some South Carolina GOP operatives put a price on my head and went to remarkable lengths to shut Waldo down.

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