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Thursday, February 23, 2017

This Saturday learn from the expert at selling online when Bucks on the Bookshelf interviews Guusje Moore

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“Seismic stratigraphy, petroleum processing, wellhead maintenance, well log interpretation, gas well testing, fracking, natural gas well maintenance, petroleum plant maintenance…” If those mysterious terms make your heart beat a little faster, Houston bookseller Guusje Moore is your go-to online dealer.

And that’s not all. Degrees in history, education and library and information technology, plus over forty years’ experience in librarianship- in public, elementary school and corporate facilities- have given her an encyclopedic reach when it comes to spotting, acquiring, and selling books online.

Moore, a regular in the Booksellers FBA Facebook group, is Bucks on the Bookshelf’s guest for the February 25 program. She’ll be sharing some of her secrets for successful online book mongering with host Steven Eisenstein, who got his own start as a pre-computer age sidewalk bookseller in New York.

Moore took up selling some extra books she had around the house when her twin daughters entered college and she needed to generate extra income online. She developed a system for maximizing sale income from a deliberately-limited inventory, retired in 2012 to sell full-time, and by 2015 was hailed by as “the librarian with a six-figure online business.”

“For years I’d collected out of print children’s books at library sales & thrift stores and I started selling my duplicate copies on eBay,” Moore says.   “I joined some bookselling groups via Yahoo Groups (this was pre-Facebook) and learned about Amazon. I soon found that selling on Amazon was much more lucrative and it soon became the main focus.    In the beginning I Merchant fulfilled everyone but once Amazon introduced FBA a bookselling friend encouraged me to make the switch.

“I was working full time and found being relieved from the burden of shipping (and storing the books) was wonderful. I had more time to haunt thrift stores, library & garage sales.

“I’ve been on Facebook for a number of years and am active in several bookselling groups as well as some Retail Arbitrage groups & a couple of Mastermind groups.   I’ve learned a great deal and I enjoy the social aspect since on line bookselling is a solo occupation.”

Moore is also widely published in the field of children’s books and literature, and serves as the kids’ books editor at

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