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Monday, March 27, 2017

In a daring "Make America Safe" policy shift, Republicans demand the end of all public transit funding

According to a report by Nikhil Gangadhar in the Deccan Herald, Bengaluru may be the first city in the world that stopped at least one terrorist attack using just bad traffic.

That’s right, you heard correctly: a terrorist attack may have been averted with just a traffic jam. Nikhil reports that a man named Habib Mia, arrested in Tripura and brought to Bengaluru last week, told police that terrorists who attacked IISc on December 28, 2005, also planned to attack other seminar events in parallel to tarnish India’s reputation.

However, an attacker who was travelling to the Indian Institute of Management on Bannerghatta Road apparently got caught in a traffic jam, and the seminar he was supposed to attack ended before he could get there.

What’s more, the terrorists also reportedly dropped a plan to attack an event at PES Institute of Technology because there was no easy escape route available. We have no further information on why this was the case.

But anyone who’s new to the city, and even many long-time residents, will attest to how difficult it is to navigate the endless arrays of one-ways and prohibited turnings Bengaluru now boasts of. Confronted with a stream of successive lefts, rights and u-turns required to navigate even the simplest of routes, most unfamiliar commuters now find it easier to simply curl up in a corner and accept defeat.

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