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Sunday, April 30, 2017

After a six-month break to perfect his Diana pickup look, the #AltRight's favorite pedophile is back

In a statement, MILO said, “This isn’t some vanity nameplate on a personal blog. This is a fully tooled-up talent factory and management company dedicated to the destruction of political correctness and the progressive left. I will spend every waking moment of the rest of my life making the lives of journalists, professors, politicians, feminists, Black Lives Matter activists and other professional victims a living hell. Free speech is back — and it is fabulous.” 
...MILO said, “MILO, Inc. will bring laughter and war to every corner of America in dozens of different formats. I will fight harder and look hotter than anyone else on the political right. And I will do more damage to the political left than anyone else in American culture.”
Yiannopoulos, nee' Hanrahan, is a bottle-blonde British college dropout fired by Breitbart, dropped by his published, and uninvited by CPAC after video emerged in which the 32-year-old enthused about sex with underage boys.

Which makes this comment about his new venture- to Vanity Fair- all the more telling:
Initially, Yiannopolos will be the company's main talent. “I’m the proof of concept,” he said, but added that he hoped to eventually expand the company. “The thing about me is that I have access to a talent pipeline that no one else even knows about. All the funniest, smartest, most interesting young YouTubers and all the rest of them who hate feminism, who hate political correctness. This generation that’s coming up, it’s about 13, 14, 15, now have very different politics than most other generations. They love us. They love me, and I’m going to be actively hunting around for the next Milo.”

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