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Sunday, April 30, 2017

When gutting the First Amendment like a fish, begin with a small incision.

Birds of a feather-

Introducing an article former Greensboro News & Record editor John Robinson sums up a current manifestation of what Richard Noll has called The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind:
The Observer tells the story of Montreat College’s policy to require its faculty and staff to sign a covenant attesting to their opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion. A small, private institution, the school can do what it likes. And live with the consequences. Still, for all of the conservatives who criticize universities that discourage conservative speakers, you’d think that conservative institutions would promote diversity of thought.
Montreat has also cut ties with the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities, apparently preferring the largesse and doctrinal stick of Franklin Graham's First Church of God the Republican.

Of course, the point of the right-wing attacks du jour on academia is that they want spcial rights to spew their nonsense from the more visible platforms at well-known universities and college, forcing their views- as they like to claim is done to them- on everyone else.

It's just a preview of the coming debate on writing "religious freedom" into law.

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