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Sunday, April 2, 2017

"-and for the, for the- gays out there, ask the gays, and ask the people, ask the gays what they think and what they do...and then you tell me, who's your friend...?"

Breitbart readers, who often overlap with the more visually-informed Fox News sort, need regular affirmation and anger top-ups.

They also need reminders in logic-chopping their talking points. Thus it has been a mainstay of the President*s campaign and tenure in office that, while LGBT Americans deserve protection from ISIS like everyone else, the internal, #MAGA work of stripping them of rights surplus to that of not being beheaded or heaved off a building, will proceed apace.

As a refresher, here's a reminder from Greensboro, NC last June:

And here's the day-to-day of ginning up the President*s base:

So here's a Sunday morning, getting-ready-for-church headline for the true believers:

As the story acknowledges, down past the headline in the regions Facebook teaches us few are brave enough to venture, no one knows if this stuff is true. ISIS never explains, nor shares, its foolproof Gay Detector Machine (In gender-segregate Arab societies, where men kiss and hold hands in public, such a device must be dear indeed). No one can tell, from the two photos, if the unidentified head above is also attached to a body lying in the street in the second pic, or if whoever is in that one is even dead.

But it's nice to know that ISIS men lay in a supply of stones for these occasions, just in case being thrown several stories down to the pavement doesn't finish the job. The mid-stoning snap underscores the point here.

Compared to the burnings and drowning in cafes stuff we've seen, though ISIS' treatment of The Gays seems both haphazard and half-hearted.

Which, to propagandists, matters little. Stories like this outrage Western liberals, which pleases ISIS. It gratifies hardline Western conservatives, which also gratifies ISIS. And it provides some pasties and a fan for conservatives who pretend not to despise their LGBT neighbors and family members.

All in all, a good day's work all around.

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