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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Boris Johnson would be more of an artistic stretch for Busey-

Ana Marie Cox has lost none of her kitten-with-a-whip edge since Wonkette:

Charles Arrowsmith: You’ve called 2016 a “shit-geyser” of a year. How’s 2017 shaping up so far?

Ana Marie Cox: Ugh. It’s less a shit-geyser, I suppose, and more a standing fetid pool of sewage we’re having to wade through. The distinction has something to do with how 2016 felt terrible and turbulent, with moments of no shit-spewing at all. This just feels like a long, slow slog....

CA: You have the Hollywood All-Stars lined up to audition: how do you cast the new administration in the movie version?

AMC: I like Alec Baldwin’s Trump a lot but I wonder if Gary Busey might do it? He actually looks like a really roughed up and bloated Ryan O’Neal, so that’s another possibility.

Ivanka: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Jared: Patrick Wilson
Mike Pence: Jeffrey Tambor
Steve Bannon: Albert Brooks
Jeff Sessions: a lawn gnome
And Melania should be played by a mannequin.

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