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Thursday, April 6, 2017

"It will be a big, beautiful wall."

Nuclear waste wall

...The proposal was reportedly given by a Pittsburgh-based contractor called Clayton Industries, which according to available documentation was incorporated in 2008 by someone named Christian Clayton. I tried to get in touch with Clayton on multiple occasions to find out what motivated this crazy wall proposal, but my calls and emails were never returned. 
The only clue to the legitimacy of the proposal was Clayton's brutalist website, which states that "the company was formulated to institute comprehensive manufacturing practices and to eliminate the cut-rate manufacturing decisions, along with poor design with no accountability measures in place." This suggests that Clayton either has a great sense of humor and is trolling everyone with his border wall plan, or has absolutely no concept of irony. 
Based on the limited details available, the wall would consist of a chain link fence on the Mexican side of the border, a trench that is at least 100 feet deep filled with "holding cells for nuclear waste processing," some railroad tracks, and a 30-foot wall that is powered by an optional "waste to energy platform."

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