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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A law so out there even the defenders of the faith couldn't get four votes.

A display room in the harem (the only display room in fact), giving a glimpse of the harem's eunuch servants lived.

It's starting off a bad week for Phil Berger and Tim Moore, the chief and deputy eunuchs managing dimestore pasha Art Pope's harem at the General Assembly in Raleigh.

The GOP took one on the chin when the Surpreme Court- even with God-anointed tie-breaker Neil Gorsuch on board- said hell to the no to Philmoore's demand that they overturn the 4th Circuit's overturning of their "surgically precise" 2103 voter suppression law.

The duo was seeking to seeking to insert themselves into the case as parties, claiming democracy fails when Democrats are the state's governor and attorney general.

Cases like this are never covered well by the local media we all watch: legal decisions don't make good pictures.

For the accessible, even-handed skinny on the NC decision- and all things Supremes- SCOTUSblog is your bookmark

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