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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"[I]n 100 days Trump has become exactly the sort of person so many Trump supporters thought they were tossing out — or more accurately, has remained the person so many Trump supporters thought they were tossing out, but deluded themselves into thinking otherwise because her emails, man. Everyone who voted for Trump because they thought Clinton was a warmonger too close to Goldman Sachs, and griped that Obama golfed too much, should probably just go crawl into a hole for the duration."

Back from a book tour, columnist and sci author John Scalzi catches up:

Hey! Hey, Scalzi! It’s me, your imaginary interlocutor!

Oh, you again. I thought I got rid of you.

Only while you were on tour, pal! Now I’m back and here to ask you more leading questions about politics so you can rant!

(sighs) Fine, but I’m keeping my answers short.

Sure you are.

Shut up. What’s the first question?

Trump: The first one hundred days. Your verdict?

I mean, it was an abject shit show of incompetence, and we should be glad for that, yes? Because he (and to be fair, the rest of the GOP) have managed to do nothing but set their own balls on fire and then run around screaming “My balls! They are on fire!”, people still have health insurance and most of our constitutional rights are still more or less intact. If any of these yutzes had any idea what they were doing, we’d be in a lot more trouble. You don’t want authoritarians in power, but if you must have them, and apparently we must, might as well make them fumbling doofuses.

He's just getting warmed up.

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