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Sunday, May 21, 2017

#MAGA is proceedingly exactly as hoped. All the old targets are being kitted out with new bullseyes and the free market is setting values.

From Outsports:
Last year when the NHL suspended Chicago Blackhawks player Andrew Shaw one playoff game for being caught using a gay slur, the league was lauded for taking the meaningful step. 
Now the NHL is backtracking. 
Anaheim Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf was caught calling a referee a “cocksucker” on multiple occasions during his team’s Game 4 against the Nashville Predators. 
The NHL’s reaction? A meaningless $10,000 fine. No suspension.
As we’ve said ad nauseam, fines are meaningless to players like Getzlaf. His salary this year alone is $9.25 million, which is just a fraction of his current $66 million contract. That makes the fine just 0.1% of his annual salary. 
That fine is the maximum allowed under the union agreement, making it even worse that the NHL didn’t go the way of a suspension.
Last year the league fined player Andrews Shaw $5,000 and suspended him from one playoff game for calling a referee a "faggot" for penalizing him.

Bench time is something players understand. Shaw and Getzlaf can make up a fine with a weekend signing autographs.

Meantime, "faggot" had another good week in the marketplace of ideas on Twitter last week:

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