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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Anti-Muslim hardliners go all flaccid in Riyadh.

Just how craven a bunch of lickspittles are the President and his senior advisors?

-Steve Bannon shaved and worse a decent suit to Saudi.

-After denouncing the last two presidents for courtesy bows to the Saudi King, the President did a gender-bending curtsey while receiving some new bling.

-His entire coterie of homophobes joined cheerfully in the merriment of an all-male, all-Muslim dance revue.

-He arrived promoting peace and signed a $110 billion arms deal. The Saudi's dutifully kicked back 10% to an Ivanka foundation.

-He gave a speech so not beating up on the Arab world, brown-nosing doesn't begin to describe it. What's a term that includes use of the whole head?

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