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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Ford, not a'thinkin'.

My state senator, Joel Ford, cemented his Democrat-In-Name-Only cred today.

He voted for massive budget cuts to the Governor's office, the Department of Justice, and UNC Law School, and a huge tax cut for corporations and the wealthy.

Ford represents one of the GOP's illegally-drawn racial minority-majority districts, where corporations and rich people are thin on the ground.

All Senate boss Phil Berger had to do was slide a big ol' slab o' pork across Ford's desk:
Ford, a candidate for mayor in Charlotte, also got funding for an out-of-poverty program called Renaissance West. He said he wasn't going to ignore everything good about this budget "for political showmanship." 
Four of 15 Senate Democrats voted for the budget Tuesday. Like Ford, two others said the budget was good for their constituents. 

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