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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

After a week, gay GOP activist Brian Talbert's Charlotte Pride vendetta has imploded: no float, no lawsuit, no ball, no pageant, no picnic. Just send him your money.

The psychodrama going on inside angry gay Republican Brian Talbert's head must be like the Great Red Spot on Jupiter: huge and endless.

Edge Media Network has some new adds to the list of homophobic media outlets egging on Talbert's campaign to gain greater acceptance among Carolinas LGBT residents by attacking them as homophobic:
Deplorable Pride's co-founder Brian Talbert isn't taking this matter sitting down. In addition to getting national attention on CNN and Fox News, he's gotten supportive coverage on historically anti-gay websites that include Breitbart, LifeSite, Christian Post and Drudge. 
In a stunning case of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," Talbert and his group are rallying social conservatives who regularly support anti-LGBT discrimination to call on Charlotte Pride's sponsors (which include: Wells Fargo, PNC Bank, and Bank of America) to pull their support.
It's striking that the man who wants to strike a blow for gay Republicans by those forcing those he disses as "liberals" to like him, can only find succor and interview time with organizations who despise all gay Americans, Republican or not.

It's also striking that Talbert's press releases keep dribbling out new media sources covering his campaign, giving the impression of constant and growing interest in his cause. In fact, a Google search shows the opposite: after a week, the hits he gets are practically nil.

And it's striking that his summoning of boycotters from the vasty deep of his imagination has produced absolutely nothing.

As blogger Joe.My.God notes,
Wells Fargo, the presenting sponsor of Charlotte Pride, has essentially told the homocons to go fuck themselves.
None of his new bedfellows have expressed approval of Talbert and the two other members of his group, Deplorable Pride, as gay men or Republicans, nor have any endorsed Gay Pride events as worthy of support or anything but denigration.

Indeed, Breitbart News today attacks The Advocate for critiquing Breitbart's negative coverage of another city's pride events:
The Advocate — a magazine that covers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer affairs (LGBTQ) — has accused Breitbart News of “homophobia” for running critical coverage and analysis of Sunday’s “ResistMarch” in Los Angeles. 
The march is traditionally known as the Gay Pride parade, but it was changed to the “#ResistMarch” this year as an expression of opposition to President Donald Trump. 
Breitbart News published three articles about the parade: “L.A. Gay-Pride-Turned-‘#ResistMarch’ Feels the Hate for Trump“; “L.A. #ResistMarch: The Day the Gay Rights Movement Ended“; and “Trump Walk of Fame Star Vandalized During L.A. Gay Pride ‘Resist’ March.” 
According to the Advocate‘s Trudy Ring, Breitbart News is guilty of homophobia (that is, the irrational fear of homosexuals and homosexuality) for “making the argument that the LGBT rights movement used to be OK but has descended into left-wing insanity.”
Breitbart goes on to complain that The Advocate didn't give links to its articles to drive more traffic to them.

Breitbart also claims to have caused Kellogg's to lay off 11,000 after the company declared its values are not those of the #AltRight media outlet and pulled its advertising, and to have driven down the market value of Target down $15 billion for adopting LGBT-friendly restrooms in its stores.

These are among Brian Talbert's allies in making the LGBT community accept him.

Most news outlets are left scratching their noggins over Talbert's rants. We've previously reported how, at the end of an incoherent monolog on the Canadian radio show As It Happens, Talbert apologized and assured the co-host, "I am not a rude person." Gay Italia's article on Talbert- translated- reads,
It sounds amazing, but not a few homosexuals voted Donald Trump at the last US elections. 
Among them is a group, "Gays for Trump", caught for a few hours in the storm because it was "banished" by the Pride of Charlotte, North Carolina. Brian Talbert, rejected by the organizers and unable to attend on behalf of his group, which supports the President of the United States of Americam reported the incident. Interviewed by Fox News- a channel near the American right- the boy attacked.
Talbert's online welfare beg, seeking $100,000 for a lawsuit to make Charlotte Pride admit his float supporting the President and patriotism and drag queens in "Make America Great Again evening gowns" has stalled. In the last 24 hours, he has raised $40. 

After a week of unremitting self-promotion, Talbert has only gulled $7138 from 202 easy marks. He recently claimed he will not accept the parade slot after all, which makes a lawsuit moot.

Apparently, also moot is Deplorable Pride's no date/no location LGBT Family Picnic at Lake Norman; the Miss Deplorable Pride Pageant; and the Deplorable Pride Ball. Talbert's just-revamped website has eliminated all those promised events, and has scrubbed its news page of all but one local Fox affiliate's news story about Charlotte Pride's rejection of Talbert's float.

The one he says he won't enter nohow.

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