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Monday, June 12, 2017

Albemarle's Ozymandias, Brian Talbert, demands the gays look upon his works and despair. Or else.

Brian Talbert, the gay Trump supporter whose Deplorable Pride float has been rejected as an entry in the 2017 Charlotte Pride Parade in August, is back on Fox News Channel 46, and he's mad:
A member of a local LGBTQ group, who support President Donald J. Trump, says he is asking sponsors to pull their funding from Charlotte Pride after his group was denied entry into the parade.  
Brian Talbert, a member of  "Deplorable Pride", tells FOX 46 Charlotte that he is calling on Wells Fargo, PNC Bank, Bank of America and others to pull their funding for the Charlotte Pride Parade and Festival in August. 
So Talbert wants to defund the very event he is raising a $100,000 legal fund to force his way into? And kill everyone's fun because he can't get a float in the parade?

It's just another twist in the mental maze that makes him think he helped his cause with an increasingly incoherent interview he gave to As It Happens, a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation public affairs radio show the other day.

In seven minutes of increasingly irritable jabber, Talbert titillated Canadian listeners with his vision of a 27-foot float broadcasting "pro-American" music, surrounded at its edges by US, LGBT Pride, and Donald Trump #MAGA flags. In between would have cavorted all three Gays for Trump members throwing candy at the crowd, and sultry drag queens in "Make America Great Again evening gowns."

Only a rumor.

Talbert says his rejection is political. Go to any Pride Parade in the South, he insisted, "and it's all the same- all politics, only Democrat!"

I invite Mr Talbert to write in and tell me just how many Republican groups and pols have been denied places in Southern pride parades over the last 25 years. Republicans have never been seen clamoring to get into them.

Talbert's endlessly patient, polite interviewer tried to get him to comment on reasons one commonly hears tagging the President and his administration as anti-LGBT, but he wasn't having any of it. He repeatedly interrupted and talked over her to claim the Republican National Committee has welcomed gay groups into its midst this year. Pressed on Vice President Pence's well-established record, Talbert declared, "I'm not getting into public float is about the 45th President of the United States, not Mike Pence or any other member of the administration!"

At interview's end, Talbert apologized for his tantrum. "I'm not a rude person," he said.

In other news, Talbert's $100,000 GoFundMe account- to pay for a lawsuit to force his way into the parade- has slowed yet more over the last 24 hours, raising $385 dollars in new contributions.

199 people have given $7098 in five days. The average gift remains $35.

Charlotte Pride's closing date for parade applications is Augst 1.

To the Deplorable Pride Pageant and the Deplorable Pride Ball, neither of which has a date, a place or a price, Talbert has added a Deplorable Family Picnic at Lake Norman. No doubt he can get Senator Thom Tillis, who has a waterfront estate in a gated community up there, to attend.

One potential sponsor for all of Talbert's Deplorable Events has emerged, though. Abercrombie and Fitch is getting hammered in social media for a tone-deaf promo right out of Talbert's playbook:

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