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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

As Robert Redford said at the end of "The Candidate," "Now what?"

Congratulations to Karen Handel, who has held the 6th district congressional seat in Georgia for the Republicans.

After spending $23 million, she won it in a special election by five percent, down twenty from the 2016 result for Tom Price, the new Secretary of Health and Human Services, under whose leadership it is neither.

Handel will arrive in DC just in time to either vote for the Republicans' conference version of repeal and replace, popularly known as "reject and forget," or explain to her constituents why her party couldn't, in the end, pass anything.

The star of tonight's special elections is Archie Parnell. A sacrificial lamb in Budget Director Mick Mulvaney's old South Carolina district, Parnell got almost no party money- a glaring goof compared to the $25 million poured into Jon Ossoff's race- and did 1% better than Ossoff.

In both Southern seats, though, the swing is significant. Seats they won nine months ago with 20%+ margins they now hold by 2-5%.

In the meantime, it's status quo.

Republicans, in a pinch, still prefer reactionary, isolationist Trump supporters.

We'll see how that works out. As exhausting as 2017 has been, it has only been 150 days.

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