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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cue The Water Music, Handel's springing leaks

Even before he waddled out for his Egg McMuffin, the President was a busy man.

At 5.49 am he summoned his tweet scribe:

I'm perplexed. Republicans invented carpetbaggers.

In the South, no less.

So Ossoff lives two miles outside the district.

21 members of Congress do.

2 miles? What a buncha wusses.

In their last unconstitutional gerrymander, NC GOP legislators threw GOP Congressman George Holding in the same district as GOP Renee Ellmers. She was insufficiently pure of body and ideology: GOP Rep. Walter Jones scuppered Rep. Kevin McCarthy's bid to succeed John Boehner as House Speaker by accusing Ellmers of having an adulterous caucus with McCarthy. Holder, a rich banking heir, was considered more pliable. He won the primary and the general and continues to live in his old district.

Of course, given the surgical precision NC Republicans use, that may only be a matter of blocks:

My member of Congress, Alma Adams, lived 90 miles from me in NC's notorious interstate district until the GOP collapsed it into Mecklenburg County.

Adams, God bless her, moved to Charlotte.

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