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Monday, June 12, 2017

"But Ms Harvey, if you fill up the prisons won't they just carry on their depravity at public expense for decades?"

Christianist spitemonger Linda Harvey has crawled out of her gutter to advance a new crusade:
“I think we need special investigations into the actions of homosexual advocates at the state and federal level,” Harvey declared.
Right Wing Watch reports,

In an audio commentary posted online last week, anti-LGBTQ activist Linda Harvey of Mission America called for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate “the outrageous actions of major homosexual groups trying to normalize this behavior throughout all of America.”

Such groups must be investigated, Harvey said, because they “continue to twist the truth, blatantly engage in religious discrimination, demand that people lose jobs and corrupt children.”

“It’s more than obvious that homosexuality is wrong,” she said. “God has declared it a grave sin and you know it’s not just the sexual aspects of such sin that is the problem; it’s the destructive anti-Christian attitudes that flow out of insisting on this rebellion. This is the rotten fruit of this movement. It seems to poison the heart, mind and spirit.”

You can listen to Harvey's commentary here. 

Last summer, Harvey called for the creation of legalized gay-free cities, counties and even states.

Last spring she celebrated the passage of HB2 by denouncing sports groups that denounced it:
What happened to real men in pro sports? Or are their spiteful lesbian lawyers calling the shots? Time for some boycotts, sports fans.
In December 2015, Harvey complained there was nowhere good to shop that excluded gays.

She also believes atheists would have aborted Jesus, and that Muslims and LGBT Americans are in an alliance born of their common hatred of humanity.

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