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Monday, June 12, 2017

Social warrior Sekulow tries out Trump Team's new smear on Robert Mueller

Turned down by the best conservative legal minds in Ameria, the President is assembling a legal team from more familiar realms: TV and radio show hosts, and lawyers with a penchant for getting rich off secretively-interlocked non-profits.

Jay Sekulow is now making the talk show rounds defending the President, and lately he is arguing that the President has the right to fire the special counsel, Robert Mueller, whenever he likes.

Sekulow has been a crony of televangelist Pat Robertson, heading his American Center for Law & Justice since 1992. He's a regular on Robertson's TV programs as well as on the Crouch family's Trinity Broadcasting Network, as well as terrestrial and satellite radio.

Early in this century he used his connections and growing wealth to become a DC power broker over Republican federal court nominations, managing to champion, then dismiss, Bush 2 counsel Harriet Myers' failed nomination as foreordained and then destined to fail. He is tight with former fundamentalist attorney general John Ashcroft (who just inked a $2.5 million deal to peddle influence for the government of Quatar), Reagan AG and ethics model Edwin Meese, and Bush consigliere C. Boyden Gray.

In 2005, Legal Times called Sekulow the 13th highest-paid nonprofit executive in America, with a known salary of over $600,000 and a retinue of payrolled relatives including his wife, brother, sister-in-law, and sons, all enjoying access to limousine services, a network of expensive Sekulow homes and retreats, and private planes. Sekulow, who regularly appears before the Supreme Court, was known for giving the late Justice Antonin Scalia free rides to speak at Pat Robertson's Regency University with nary a thought of appearances of conflicts of interest.

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