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Friday, June 23, 2017

Deplorable Pride is all about inclusion: until you challenge them. Then they bar comment on their Facebook page. As the President would tweet, "So sad."

We would have posted this to their Facebook page but we've been banned from commenting:

One begins to see why Brian Talbert, head of the gay Trump fanboys microgroup Deplorable, publishes "We love you, Mr President!" mash notes on the group's Facebook page.

Talbert and Trump share an affinity making stuff up and insisting it is true.

Take this post of his (please!):

We took a look at NC Department of Public Safety data for the last thirty years.

While 2016 and 2017 have seen increases in the murder rate in Charlotte, the trend has been downward for the entire thirty year period Talbert cites- even if one pencils in 100 for all of 2017.

There's just one trouble with his conclusion that Democrats in city government have caused the recent spike.

The record- back in the 1990s, as Talbert correctly notes, was in the administrations of Republican mayors Sue Myrick and Richard Vinroot.

In fact, Republican mayors governed Charlotte from 1987 to 2009: 22 of the last thirty years.

Using the simplistic analysis Talbert does, one could easily argue the murder rate really only began to seriously drop after Pat McCrory left office in 2009.

None of that, of course, makes sense. Murder rates are the consequence of many factors, most clearly unknown the J.Edgar Hoover of Albemarle.

Even if he wanted to argue that the current mayor is responsible for the rise over the last two years, that would be undermined by the fact that the mayoralty of Charlotte is a part-time job. The police chief answers to the city manager.

BTW- Brian Talbert is also a foreign policy expert.

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