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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Deplorable Pride joins groundbreaking all-white march to integrate Dilworth Starbucks: "We have every right to order overpriced, status-symbol drinks. We're Trump people. We have more money."

Brian Talbert, Deplorable Pride's alter ego, tagged this post, "DeplorablePride was honored to be a part of this sit in and truly blessed for the new friendships that we made. #MAGA."

He wasn't interviewed, nor was DP mentioned. But it was media!

Talbert- really stoked, man- bared some teeth in another post:

Talbert is visible, far left, in the brown shirt: a walk-in part.

Meantime, Deplorable Pride continues relentlessly attacking the people Talbert demands to be accepted by in the name of acceptance and unity and diversity.

The DP YouTube show is set to start June 26.

Nobody's given Talbert any money the last 24 hours.

President Trump continues to ignore him.

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