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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Today's an awkward day for Charlotte's Deplorable Pride.

This is the last weekend of LGBT Pride Month. Most of America's big cities are seeing their parades today. 

Charlotte Pride- which doesn't roll through until August 26-27- occupies a unique space among America's Pride festivals and parades: it's the only one Republicans are trying to get into, not as far from as possible.

And here, it's only two of them- white male Republicans both- led by a grifter who claims 100% transparency and truthfulness raising money for an undisclosed purpose in his personal capacity, who blocks those who ask about his plans from comment in social media.

Everywhere else in America, Republicans feel no need whatever to be in LGBT parades. 

It's been that way for decades. Just ask the lesbian Republican who sat on the platform committee at the GOP convention last year.

Not even President Trump, adolatry of whose magisterial orangeness drives Deplorable Pride leader Brian Talbert and his follower to shill for him, thinks enough of them to issue a Pride Month proclamation this year, never mind tossing so little as some tweet-crumbs of encouragement to Talbert's rejected 27-foot Trump Altar on wheels.

That must be pretty galling, realizing that your tribe's signature month ranks- even in the estimation of your god-king- lower than Father's Day, Flag Day, National Flag Week, National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, African-American Music Appreciation Month, National Home Ownership Month, and Ocean Month.

That's reason enough to Charlotte Pride to deny DP a parade permit: they are not recognized by local, state or national leaders of the party and ideology DP wants to represent in the parade. 

They only represent themselves, all two of them.

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