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Friday, June 9, 2017

Queen City Quibblers Call Other Queers Quislings: Gays for Trump want a Gay Pride float to celebrate the President who refused to issue a Gay Pride proclamation, complete with a First Lady in Drag. #MAGA, y'all!

Breitbart News traditionally only like The Mean Gays in two circumstances. One is when former editor Milo Yiannopouos whores himself out for the #AltRight, as in this report from last July:
Yiannopoulos was scheduled to lead a gay pride march through one of Sweden’s Muslim ghettos, however following an intensive security review and threat assessment by Breitbart’s security team, comprised of former Navy SEALs and intelligence community operatives, Breitbart has been forced to cancel the trip. 
The security analysis found significant potential threats against Milo, especially in light of the recent wave of Muslim terror attacks across Europe. 
“After a briefing by our security team and a review of the situation in Sweden, Breitbart News has cancelled Milo’s appearance at the Pride J√§rva parade on Wednesday, July 27. Despite Milo’s request to honor his commitment we are not confident that we could ensure his safety,” said Executive Chairman of Breitbart News, Stephen K. Bannon. 
“His brand of unique cultural warfare is too valuable to risk it in potentially life-threatening situations. Milo receives dozens of death threats from Muslims, many of them in Arabic, every day across his various social media accounts,” he explained. “The frequency of these threats has been increasing recently.”
The other is when they can portray the Left as so intolerant they eat their own on toast points.

Today, it's the latter in Charlotte, North Carolina's Queen City. Three weeks after their application for a place in the 2017 Charlotte LGBT Pride Parade was rejected, three gay supporters of President Trump have launched a small but noisy protest designed not to get them into the parade but to attack its organizers, raise money, and draw attention to themselves.


Breitbart reports this as a "trending story":

Members of a pro-Trump gay group say they have been banned from participating in the Charlotte Pride Parade because of their support for President Trump.

Brian Talbert told WJZY that he and another gay Trump supporter of the group “Gays for Trump” applied to have their float featured in Charlotte’s Pride Parade this year but received an email from Charlotte Pride rejecting his application.

“We wanted to show that we weren’t the racist, bigot, misogynist whatevers. We wanted to show that we are Americans, love our country and our president. We wanted to be there to celebrate gay pride,” Talbert said.

“For a group of people to claim to want tolerance, acceptance, and give it to every single person you can imagine to give it to, for them to sit back and judge me for exercising my right as an American to choose my leader without judgment is hypocritical,” he added.

A Charlotte Pride spokesperson said they have a right to turn away groups that “do not reflect the mission, vision, and values of our organization.”

Talbert said he plans to sue Charlotte Pride for discrimination and is already raising money for his legal fees on a GoFundMe page. The campaign has raised $3,100 as of Thursday afternoon.

He also set up a website called Deplorable Pride, which contains information on events that he is planning as alternatives to Charlotte Pride and his fundraising page.

The News & Observer reports the idiots are, indeed, proving useful:

The denial of the Gays for Trump float quickly went viral on conservative websites across the country, including Breitbart News, where the story was “trending.”

“Sadly, it’s really not that surprising,” Conservative Country said of the float denial. “To the left-wing, ‘tolerance’ really means only tolerating people who agree with them on all fronts.”

In a statement, Peter Boykin, president of #GaysforTrump, said he was saddened by and condemns the rejection of anyone “from our movement being condemned from the ‘Gay Community,’ one that preaches so-called diversity.”

The free market advocates- who offer a $2500 cash prize to the winner of their forthcoming Miss Deplorable Pride Pageant- are taking the more modern approach to funding their lawsuit against Charlotte Pride. They're asking others to pay for it for them.

They are rattling a stick in a swill bucket at

Like the Memories Pizza owners of Walkerton, Indiana, who bilked the public for $842,000 after they got some bad Yelp reviews for saying they'd never cater a same-sex wedding; Barronnelle Stutzman, the Washington florist who has raised hundreds of thousands on her own in addition to getting a big, hot slice of the pizza parlor's pelf for refusing to provide sticks and leaves to same-sex weddings; and Aaron and Melissa Klein, the Oregon bakers who have raised over half a mil to pay off a $135,000 deliberate infliction of emotional distress judgment they incurred by refusing to throw together some eggs and flour and lard for a same-sex wedding, Gays for Trump/Charlotte wants others to provide them tax-free gifts to assuage their wounded, gun totin' feelings.

They've raised over $5,000 so far, and for what? Not a peep about a lawsuit at the fundraising page, just this:
We as a minority within a minority know discrimination first hand. We are having to fight it from those who know what it is like to be discriminated against. It is an out numbered fight. We need all the help we can get in order to fight the majority within the minority. Help keep our voice heard.
There's no legal defense fund named as recipient of the $100,000 being sought. No discussion of the legal basis for a suit, to let people have an idea if it has legs or not.

Just this:

It doesn't help that the Greensboro Gays for Trump is also running a Gofundme page to raise money for booths at Pride festivals across the country. No one will have much of an idea who is getting their money, and where it is going, for what.

LGBT Republicans can be a dotty bunch, as when the rump of the National Log Cabin Republicans group split off to form a rival, GOProud. Riven by internal dissent, it dissolved after five years in 2014. None were ever recognized as GOP affiliates.

For half a century the LGBT rights movement, left to right, has been riven by splits driven by race, gender, class, appearance, age, and political leanings.

And so WJZY, the local Fox News affiliate Talbert apparently had on speed dial, cautioned readers and viewers,
Talbert, a member of "Gays for Trump", which is not affiliated with the "Gays for Trump" based in Greensboro, NC, said he and a fellow gay Trump supporter sent in an application to Charlotte Pride so they could have a float in this year's Charlotte Pride Parade.
So far Talbert's version has been verified- in public sources- as having three members.

His hyperbolic diatribe against Charlotte Pride is a marvel of authentic gibberish:

"I’m very proud of my country, proud of my president, and was once proud of my community," said Brian Talbert, who said he’s proud to be gay and proud to be a Trump supporter.

"I’m very proud of my vote. I don't regret my vote. I will vote for Donald Trump again. I'm proud of my president. I don't think I should be vilified because I’m proud of a U.S. president as an American."

"It was going to be fun. We wanted to be energetic. We wanted to show that we weren't the racist, bigot, misogynistic…We wanted to show that we are Americans, love our country and our president. We wanted to be there to celebrate gay pride. Everything fell into place except being able to celebrate who I am," he said.

"For a group of people to claim to want tolerance, acceptance, and give it to every single person you can imagine to give it to, for them to sit back and judge me for exercising my right as an American to choose my leader without judgment is hypocritical," Talbert said.

A third apparent member, Derek Van Cleve, has a heartwarming if poorly-proofread and first-or-third-person-undecided backgrounder on the group's webpage that explains the long and deeply-held personal resentments that fuel their current online campaign:

Brian first marched in a Charlotte Pride celebration back in 1994. "Back then there was maybe 50 people in the march. I remember Scorpios had a float with Ashley Jordan and Buffy Demoro dancing on the float. A pageant winner rode in a convertible and Reverend Joe Chambers and his organization The Charlotte Christian Coalition showed up to protest the event. There were more protestors than participants. Things were a lot different in 1994. Cullen Ferguson from Channel 9 WSOC TV and his wife both attended the march and held a sign that read "We love our gay son". Back then, people weren't lining the streets to cheer us on, they were lining the streets to protest us being there, throw rocks at us and spit at us. It was scary. I remember being scared. We walked around one city blocked and that's all we were allowed to do. I was there, I participated and I helped pave the way for what Charlotte Pride has become today". Brian says. "Being denied entry into the parade this year was a huge slap in the face to me. It's like all I have done for this community was in vain. It's like the community has turned into the oppressors they protested against." Mr. Talbert continues.

     "I first met Brian in 1996, we were hanging out with our mutual friend Ashley Jordan. Ashley was the only entertainer in Charlotte that allowed me to perform on their show night. It was a Thursday night at Oleen's Legendary Show bar on South Blvd. which is now a Dunkin Doughnuts. Even in drag back then the gay community I was no stranger to discrimination. They discriminated against me against me because I was different, I wasn't a "pageant queen", I was a gothic queen and my drag name was Tragedy. Eventually I won over the majority of the community and continued to entertain in Charlotte up until 2004 when my father passed away. I saw many clubs in Charlotte NC come and go over the years and first attended a Charlotte Pride festival in Marshall Park in 2001." Mr. Van Cleve says. "Brian was so excited when I told him that this year I was applying for us to have our own float in Charlotte Pride this year. Being we are both Republicans and supporters of our 45th President we decided it would be nice to have a float in the parade that honored President Trump. We wanted the community to know that not all of the LGBT community is anti-Trump and that there are some of us that love and support our president". After being an active member, entertainer and supporting the LGBT community for over 15 years it was really a big let down to receive the notice from Charlotte Pride that we had been denied entry in the parade." Derek said.

The story trails two local TV news accounts of their ire.

On the group's Twitter page, both Talbert and Peter Boykin- who heads up the Gays for Trump that isn't the other Gays for Trump- have been up on their hind legs, too:

LGBT Republican groups tend to gloss over the giant, rotting elephant carcass in the living room: the party's antipathy to LGBT rights. They focus on every other GOP issue and say LGBT rights are state and local matters.

They get up on their hind legs at attack ads like the one Milo Yiannopoulos made Donald Trump last fall, burning an LGBT flag as a warning from the Muslims (Milo, who also says he would be straight if he could but even though he was not born gay, can't give it up, was fired by Breitbart after video surfaced in which he expressed gratitude for Catholic priests who taught him the ins and outs).

Presumably, Gays for Trump would love to see Milo in the Charlotte Parade, too, attacking everyone else there.

LGBT GOPers are also noted, historically, for refusals to take part in bipartisan LGBT work, and for trashing virtually every other LGBT organization as a stooge of the Left.

That they fault most LGBT Americans for gravitating to a political faction that welcomes and supports them is as inexplicable to people like the Gays For Trump- either version- as their insistence that the Republican Party offers a vastly better deal to gays is to anyone with a head.

Gays for Trump are no exception.

In North Carolina, being a Gay for Trump means you support the party that stripped you of your rights with HB2 and the President who endorsed that. The President whose cabinet is packed with the largest collection of antigay Republican activists in history, and which began taking down LGBT rights pages on cabinet websites within an hour of the President's inauguration. The President who has promised to sign any anti-LGBT law Congress sends him and make the Supreme Court repeal and replace marriage equality.

Charlotte Pride, however, is a private charitable organization. Conservatives like those. That should gladden their hard little hearts. In theory, they see private activity as a rebuke to government overreach. They will all tell you charities do everything better than the government.

Charlotte Pride makes public all its financial and regulatory compliance docs.

Gays for Trump says, "Send us your money. Trust us."

As a private nonprofit, Charlotte Pride can make its own rules for its own events. And when a group at odds with every idea a Pride event stands for and welcomes- except a few personal, carnal ones- it's not surprising Charlotte Pride said no to Gays for Trump. They are turkeys calling for an early Thanksgiving.

And there's this item one of the Gays for Trump passed on to CNN:
An LGBT group says it was denied a float at a gay pride parade in Charlotte, North Carolina, because it supports Donald Trump. 
Deplorable Pride's entry would have had all the hallmarks of a pride parade float: drag queens, patriotic colors and even Uncle Sam. 
But it would also display something different -- Trump's campaign message, "Make America Great Again" -- and feature a dancer dressed as Melania Trump. 
And that, says Deplorable Pride, is what organizers had a problem with.
Which makes sense. It's hard to fathom how conservatives who hail the First Lady as a return to taste, elegance and Christian American values would see a man dressed as her on a gay parade float as a token of Gays for Trump's fealty.

The Trumps are notoriously litigious. Their lawyer, Mark Kasowitz, keeps pads of cease and desist form letters. Mrs Trump has already filed and settled one defamation suit as first lady and threatened others.

If the First Family got offended by Gays for Trump's Fag Drag Melania, they'd sic Kasowitz on Charlotte Pride. It has money and a high profile.

Gays for Trump is just a tiny caucus of gay men who'd fit comfortably in a phone booth, and when they want cash, they beg for it.

Faux-outrage hypocrisy claims are old hat for LGBT groups. A Seattle City Light employee, Philip Irvin, spent years as a front for antigay Christianist groups, trying to join organizations of minority city employees to manufacture discrimination claims against himself, harass the groups' meetings, and publish their member lists. His arguments were practically identical to Gays for Trump's:
The City Light employee -- Philip Irvin, 58 -- wants the city to release the names of organizers of city employee groups, specifically those of a Seattle Public Utilities "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Friends" group. According to court documents, Irvin has also requested the names and city departments of those who are members of the group, or who have attended the group's meetings, as well as copies of the group's sign-in sheets, minutes and agendas. 
Speaking to Thursday, Irvin said the city has previously opposed his efforts to start a group for employees who had identified as homosexuals but have since become heterosexual. 
"They are the most vilified sexual minority, and I'm sorry to say that they're not really welcomed in the religious community either," Irvin said. "This is something where they are vilified on the right or the left."
A pederasty enthusiasts' group, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, smeared LGBT rights groups for decades with high-profile campaigns to gain memberships and pride parade bookings.

In 2015, a gay open carry gun group sought a place in the Olympia, Washington pride parade, then claimed they were denied a place for being Libertarians.

In other cities, Black Lives Matter activists have exercised the prescribed levers of power to ban LGBT police groups from LGBT pride parades. Politics, heated to a boil, will get like this.

And Gays for Trump's discrimination suit? Fuhgeddabout it. Under HB2, they were barred from even trying to file in state court.

Now they can do that again, but there are no relevant state laws that give Gays for Trump a cause of action. 

Don't waste your time in federal court, either. Virtually all LGBT rights at the national level were based on presidential executive orders and cabinet agency regulations. The President has rescinded all of those.

You can look it up.

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