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Friday, June 9, 2017

Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof: Friday at the White House.

The President is an odd man, but every day I learn a little more of how to interpret, if not understand, him.

Nixonian in so many ways, The President and his team get really hypermasculine when they go on the attack. "Welcome to the NFL," Haldeman used to chortle.

So today his attack puppies- his son, his more fawning congresscritters, his lawyer- went after James Comey as less than a man for leaking the content of his memos through a friend rather than doing it himself. Indeed, a gravelly-voiced, chubby blowhard on CNN started with the "Man up!" stuff last night.

For some reason, this remarkably undisciplined President and his immediate team avoid the overt, enthusiastic homophobia of his cabinet, but by their insults, you shall know their hearts.

For all their big swingin' dick talk, the President's men mostly slung mud at Comey. His lawyer- who has sued people in the past for saying the President is not a billionaire- declared he will throw Comey to the Department of Justice's Inspector General for leaking details of documents that are not classified, as to which the President has already waived executive privilege, and on subjects the President started beebling on about in his letter firing Comey last month.

Little wonder that some of the gods of the conservative legal industry- former Solicitors General Paul Clement and Ted Olson, Ollie North counsel Brendan "Not A Potted Plant" Sullivan, to name but three, turned down the chance to take up the President's defense even though it would just be a matter of proving all the material the President says he has but will not give up.

The real reason is that none of them believe the President will listen to them or pay them.

Today the President blew another day in Infrastructure Week bloviating about other stuff. He said James Comey's testimony completely vindicated the President but that Mr Comey is a liar.

Apparently, Mr Trump can hold self-canceling thoughts in his head all day, so long as there is a bit of word salad tossed up to separate them. Today in his presser with the head of Romania, the President told a reporter they had not discussed a visa waiver program in their just concluded meeting, after which the Romanian leader told the reporter yes, they did.

The President also said he will answer questions under oath to repeat what he has already said is true because Mr Comey has proved it so and because Mr Comey is a liar.

This should be fun. In a December 2016 deposition to said he couldn't remember things salient to the case against him 59 times. Also released with that one, last June, was a 2012 dep in which he couldn't remember things 24 more times.

Among the things the President couldn't remember was that three weeks earlier- in November 2015- he told NBC reporter Katie Tur he has "the greatest memory in the world."

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