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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Power Broker

Senator Joel Ford, a Democrat running for mayor of Charlotte, says he is a guy who gets things done in Raleigh.

He says if he is mayor the 3/5 Republican supermajorities will stop hating on Charlotte and give him sacksful of money to lug home and spread about.

How's that working out this legislative session? you may wonder. Seems like Senator Ford would be keen to demonstrate his skill at skimming the pork barrel ahead of the fall elections.

According to his legislative website, Senator Ford has sponsored or cosponsored 26 bills this year.

None have passed.

In fact, 21- 80.7%- of them are languishing in the Senate Rules, Calendar & Operations Committee with lots and lots and lots of others:

Of it, The News & Observer reports,
The Rules Committee almost never meets, but the chairman holds considerable power by controlling the flow of legislation and the chamber’s operations.
Indeed, the committee has no meetings scheduled, and its website has only a few miscellaneous PDFs posted. Nothing else.

You might think, then, that Senator Ford's relationship with the GOP- and his membership on the Rules Committee would give him the pull to have sprung a few by now.

You might think wrong.

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