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Thursday, June 15, 2017

What's a hot date like with a Deplorable Pride fanboy?

From Gay Times, a useful summary of what conservative gays like the Charlotte-area Deplorable Pride believe (though in Moore's case, more articulately):

A Fox News commentator has criticized a vigil held for the 49 people killed in Orlando last year.

Chadwick Moore, who attended the vigil at New York City’s famous venue Stonewall Inn, appeared on the Tucker Carlson program to claim the day was hijacked by the “radical ideology” of a “far-left anti-gun group”.

Those who attended the vigil were paying their respects to the 49 people killed in a massacre at LGBT+ nightclub Pulse on 12 June last year, which is considered the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.

After describing the Stonewall Inn as “the [gay] equivalent of Mecca for Muslims”, Moore complained that some of those in attendance began protesting laws that allowed the shooter to easily get access to guns.

“Most gay people aren’t political,” Moore claimed. “Most gay people, you know, they care about pop music and going to the beach. They probably don’t even know what the Second Amendment is.

“So they show up to be together, to celebrate the community and to mourn together, and instead they’re just fed this anti-gun nonsense.”

Moore also criticized the anti-Trump sentiments expressed by those at the vigil, claiming it didn’t make sense for LGBT+ people to treat him as “the bad guy in the room” given that he visited Pulse nightclub just days after the shooting.

He later admitted on Twitter that he had “misspoken” after being informed the president hadn’t actually visited the memorial.

Instead of throwing stereotypes around, perhaps Moore should spend more time checking his facts…

Watch the segment below.

Moore then helpfully dilated his views on Twitter:

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