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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Coming up with a positive program and winning some elections would get more done, guys. But that's really not the point, is it?

What a relief! Deplorable Pride isn't dead yet.

Their fundraising is flatlining. Their Official Website (v.5) is a joke. The media- which they denounce as failing and fake but get the DTs from being ignored by- has ignored them since late June.

Now, after a long silence, they are back! And they are planning another Major Micro-Event!

Charlotte N.C.,
Stand Up and join us as we Peacefully exercise our First Amendment Right to assemble, reminding our City council that they derive their powers from the consent of the Governed. We will not stand idle and be reduced to Democrats despotism!  
This body of Elected Officials has a member(s) who have openly campaigned on the promise to Ban the voice of President Trump Supporters and Republicans and block them from representation in government, an act of a Tyrant!  
Link you the YOUTUBE video of her comments: 
We will Stand, Be Seen, and we will demand representation in line with the Constitution rather than the rule of Dictators. 
PRESS WILL BE THERE. Be a Part of History! 

The organization of this event is done so independently and free of any connections or ties to any Campaign, Organization, or Political Party.
They just all happen to be Republicans. They just happen to believe no one but Republicans should be allowed to govern. They just prefer the very thing they protest; they just can't persuade enough voters to put them in power, except for a couple of Republican council members from the south side who pine for the restoration of HB2.

They adore bad grammar and worse punctuation, so naturally, Deplorable Pride gotta be there with their peeps.

Republicans don't much like free speech, see, except then they want it for themselves. People get a right to say dumb, partisan stuff in front of God and everybody every day. God knows, the President does it; Democrats do it.

So naturally, nobody's gonna stop gay Trump supporters from being front and center, whining and out-jabbering everyone else. If it involves incoherence, anger and TV cameras, Brian Talbert of Deplorable Pride will be there. He says so on his Official Facebook Page.

It'll be just like when he was there for the All-White Integration of The Dilworth Starbucks So Rich #AltRight Sorts Can Buy Overpriced Frappucinos, Too!

As Talbert told his hometown paper,
“The repressed has become the repressor. I’m enjoying every minute of it.”

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