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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Rage, rage against the lying and the spite.

For his sixth-month anniversary of So Much Winning, the President says he wants to punish the American people for not bending to the will of his party.

Never mind that his party controls all the branches of government. You can't truthfully say Democrats killed your bill when your party leaders wrote it in secret- every time- and fast-tracked its passed via a rules gimmick to make Democratic senators' votes irrelevant.

Never mind that his party's senators torpedoed their own bill twice because it didn't throw enough people to their health care campaign contributors.

Never mind that he and his party has lied for seven long years about having a plan that would give everyone beautiful, affordable health care. Health care with heart. Health care that left no one behind.

Never mind that they now want two more years to lie about having a plan. If they win the next elections they will change the subject and lie about something else more topical. If they lose, they will dump the mess they excreted for a decade in the Democrats' lap and go back to being against Everything.

The simple fact is, Republicans cannot pass a health care plan that works because they do not believe in health care plans at all.

If ever there was proper occasion for SC Congressman Jackass Joe Wilson to stand up and yell, "You lie!", it would be now, to his own party.

Meanwhile, Mrs Trump stuck a 6-month candle in the President's Egg McMuffin this morning as he got down to another taxing day of Government by Thumbs:

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