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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Department of Corrections: Deplorable Pride says we're still lazy and pathetic.

I think you missed the point

From a July 8 post on this blog:

Feel free to decide for yourself, Reader. Here's the two comments:

Mr Talbert warmed to his theme today, responding to the July 8 post. Its premise was that if short writings are lazy and pathetic, so must be other examples of brevity, among them the second inaugural addresses of Washington and Lincoln, and the first of President Trump. 

Mr Talbert apparently missed that scanning the post anxiously for his name*. He responded today, this time as "Unknown":

Deplorable Pride continues to be afraid of reading dissent on its own Facebook page. 


*h/t David Cary Hart, who blogs as The Slowly Boiled Frog, for this:
There seem to be two reasons why a gay man would support Trump: ▣Stupidity and a ▣craving for attention. On his Facebook page Talbert writes: "The Republican Party is the only party that has a proven track record of standing with minorities." I think that we can check off the first box. The parade float, the lawsuit and the coverage suggest that we can check off the second box as well. 
So now I have probably fed Talbert's personality disorder by way of the Google News alert that he most certainly has...

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