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Monday, July 3, 2017

Deplorable Pride's website hacked, its Facebook page faked, Brian Talbert goes full Nixon, denouncing "bitter jealous Republican queers" and declaring he's the oppressor now.

Deplorable Pride, the Albermarle, NC dozen-member gay Trump fanboy group, finally got some ink in chairman Brian Talbert's hometown paper, and in it, the lanky publicity hound revealed his campaign is about more than acceptance in the larger LGBT community, self-promotion, and a money scam to line his pockets.

It's about revenge:
“It’s easy for me to expose the gay left,” Talbert said. “The repressed has become the repressor. I’m enjoying every minute of it.” 
Talbert is especially troubled that an organization that touts tolerance and equality has silenced his right of a viewpoint.
NC Senate President Phil Berger, the Madame DeFarge of the NCGOP, should be lucky to have so apt a pupil (What? Oh. Never mind. HB2, yeah. Berger won't even talk to neighbors who are gay).

Speaker Tim Moore ("At UNC he opposed funding for a gay and lesbian student association, arguing its members lived a practice against state law", should be offering Talbert an internship).

Talbert has no interest in an inclusive LGBT community in which he plays a valued, positive role. He wants to sling mud, get attention from right-wing groups who otherwise despise gays, and make money.

This morning, for example, he declared,
There has been a fake Facebook page made for DeplorablePride I am Brian Talbert. I am a co founder for this organization. I am also the only one you see or hear speaking on behalf of this organization.
And Brian Talbert alone possesses the tablets of true gay conservatism, as he also revealed today on Facebook:
When I started this fight, I had no idea how many bitter jealous Republican queers I would have to fight. I thought liberals would be the only ones I would have to deal with. You really see the grandstanding, jealousy, and greed come out when you start dealing in the political world. But I have said one thing from the beginning. I promise to be 100% truthful and transparent. A man is only as good as his word. I assure you that I am a man of my word. My goal is to fight for the Conservative LGBT voice. I don't care who I have to fight to achieve it.
It's hard to see how a man who has had a phone call from the political affairs office of the US President, has given scores of interviews, has been endorsed by the Mecklenburg County GOP, and has social media sites galore and a podcast that debuts today, is being silenced.

Today, however, Talbert's rowboat is dead in the water. Deplorable Pride's "Official Website" has been hijacked. It links to a fake Deplorable Pride Facebook page.

Whodunnit? As the President says, it could be anyone:

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