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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Let's audit Deplorable Pride's civics class! Here's 8 questions for the substitute teacher, Mr Talbert.

Here's the latest exercise in attention-seeking nonsense from the maximum leader of the minumum-member gay Trump fanboy group Deplorable Pride, Brian Talbert:

Let's test the 100% truthful and transparent candidate for the GOP 8th congressional district nomination's claims, and see if he answers these questions.

I'm not optimistic. The last time I put any questions to him-about what he was going to do with the lawsuit he has raised $7730 to fund against Charlotte Pride- he erased the exchange and barred me from further comment to the DP Facebook page. 

Not really the mark of a man confident in his openness and transparency, though he regularly claims "a track record" for both.

Talbert has, however, taken to a blog and Facebook page I run- this one- where he called me names in response to my claim Deplorable Pride is an unaccountable, non-transparent scam. I let him do it. That's how free speech works. I respect it. He doesn't seem to.

Plus which, if I'm wrong, he can easily prove it. Though he is quick to rise to baiting, he won't explain what he's done with that $7700.

Here's your questions, Mr Talbert.

1. Your post says, 
"The Charlotte City Council has said that we Conservatives have no voice in our city's government."
As the link at the end of your post makes clear, your protest is based on comments by one council member, Dimple Ajmera. 

She is not the whole Council, is she? Her comments don't bind the council, do they? 

She was not speaking for it as a whole, in an official, legal capacity, was she?

The Council "speaks" though actions taken in public session. Show us where the Council, as a body, officially banned conservatives from its membership. 

You must have proof ready to hand, because being 100% truthful and transparent means not spreading lies.

2. If conservatives are barred from city government, why do Council members Ed Driggs and Kenny Smith continue to hold office?

3. If conservative are barred from city government, why was Kenny Smith allowed for run for mayor this year?

4. Your post next says, 
"We are going to show them just how big our voice is on July 24. We will be on the streets but they will hear our voices loud and clear from the comfort of their chambers paid for by us taxpapers!"
Why not get on the agenda and be heard inside? They do that sort of thing, on the agenda. It's public and all (the county council uses the same chamber too, so it's not like you are locked out of some cushy private space, is it?).

On the Channel 9 news July 18, it was reported this protest will be a sit-in- in the council chambers. Your motto oughta be, "So gay we can't even get our story straight!"

The Government Center was completed in 1988; how many of your masses actually helped pay for it? Did you, after its construction was approved in 1984? 

In June, you told CBC, the Canadian radio network,
I'm an older gay man. I'm 47.
So you'd have been been, what- 13 to 17 or so when it was built? 

I note you live outside Mecklenburg County entirely. You're running for Congress in a district that includes none of Mecklenburg County. Why should anyone care what you think about local government where you have chosen not to live any more?

Come to that, what's this protest got to do with Deplorable Pride's reason for being formed- to force your way into the Charlotte Pride parade? How does your personal fundraiser relate to this protest? BTW, again- where's the money?

5. Next, you say, 
"We will remove any member of Charlotte's government on election day who will not abide by the Constitution!"
Which one? Federal or state, and which provisions?

How is Dimple Ajmera's comment not covered by the first amendment to the US Constitution, or Article I, section 14 of the North Carolina one?

If you rely on other sections, cite them and list your supporting evidence.

6. Unless you live in Dimple Ajmera's district, you in particular- and whomever else shows up next week- don't get a vote, right?

And even if you do, it doesn't matter: she is filling the last eleven months of a resigned member's term and is not running for one of her own. So you can't remove her, can you? If you believe otherwise, do explain.

Or were you thinking of any of the four at-large members? If so, which ones, and how are they not abiding by the constitution?

7. In your view, what role should liberals be allowed in city government?

8. Bonus question: If conservatives have been banned from Charlotte city government, why haven't the conservative, veto-proof majorities in the NC General Assembly not fixed it? They have all the power in the state.

In 2013 they redistricted the Wake County school board, then the county council, for electing too many Democrats. In 2017 they ordered Asheville to redistrict for the same reason.

They've scheduled a special session for the fall to redistrict court and district attorney races to gain a partisan advantage there, like the one they gave themselves in 2013 and 2016 to win 10 of 13 congressional seats with just under 50% of the popular vote.

They're under US Supreme Court order to redistrict the legislative districts because the last time they did it they rigged those to win their supermajorities in both houses; where were you and the others planning to rally July 24 when those elections were rigged to favor your side?

Again, we all know you have the answers.

Enlighten us.

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